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The Daly Boggs' Official Team Page


Welcome to the official webpage of the Daly Boggs' Softball team. The team was founded in 2008, and is currenly awaiting its maiden season in the "C" League of the Medford Men's Softball League.

This years squad has high expectations for an expansion team; spending large amounts of money to get the top-notch free agents this off-season. "From Top to Bottom, this is one of the best line-ups I've ever seen assembeled in Men's Arch Pitch Softball, they kill you with Speed, power, and baserunning, the total package," says a source closely related with the Boggs'.

Thus far, the Boggs' have played in two exibitions game, losing one, and taking credit for the win in the second battle with "The Older Kids" at Tufts Field/Santoro. The win coming largely in part due to the breaking out of the Bogg's offense exploding for numerous extra base hits, including multiple Home Runs.

The Boggs' consist of Arlington Catholic 2002 graduates, coinsedently, the entire team really fucking stupid.

The Boggs' have declined to speak to the media prior to the season, but a source close to the team tells us that "The Boggs' are the real deal, to take them just don't underestimate a team with that type of talent...they'll beat you, and then drink you under the table when its all over."

Meet the Boggs':
Vince Rinaldi:
Vince played North Medford Little League for the Eagles, although never claiming a city-series title, he continuted on to play Babe Ruth (White Sox) and two years of AC Junior Varsity Baseball, where he patroled center-field, not commiting an error in two years. Vince loves corm "Not giving himself a chance" to make varsity, Vince is now committed to winning the Cy Young as pitcher for the Boggs.' Vince loves corn and corn byproducts, there are a zillion of them by the way. Throwing the occassional "Illegal" pitch is Vince's way of showing the hitter who's boss. Speed and average, combined with decent power, makes Vince the ultimate (and stupidest) lead-off man in the league.
Season outlook...... Look for Vince to be at the top of the charts in Runs scored, and at the bottom in cock size. (And he loves corn)

Jim Rabbitt:
Jim started off in West Medford Little League, where is, unlike Vince, won a city series championship (Triple-Crown Champion to be exact). Following Babe Ruth, he joined Vince in manning the JV outfield, again errorless, before playing Mens League Baseball for three summers for the Intercity Mustangs team. Jim will continue to play the outfield for the Boggs' where his speed and his abilty to read fly balls be on constant showcase. Jim brings speed, average and the occassional "pop" in his bat to the top of the Boggs' order this year.
Season outlook......Look for MVP type numbers at the dish, and Gold Glove calaber defense in the outfield.
Joe Haynes:
A North Medford Little League alum, Joe brings size and power to the lineup. Injuries have been a factor for Joe throughout the years, however. A broken leg, something in his elbow (no one knows for sure), and the occassional stint with Clamidia, have all plagued Jewish Handsey. If healthy, Joe is one of the most, if not the most feeared hitters in this lineup. Playing and Looking like Kevin Youkalis (Ugly Factor of 10) Joe is a force in both aspects of the game. Season outlook......Joe hopes to lead the Boggs' in hits and in fake injuries.
Mike Mancuso:
Native of Woburn, Mike is a real power threat at the plate. One of the only Boggs' to play Varsity Baseball, why, who knows, they didn't get to go to the Bahamas, IT WAS A BAD TIME. But at least he got to hang out with Tom O'Brien and Derek Plante that week. Mike is a real trash-talker, a hot head, and the team needs to keep him composed if they want to get the most production out of him...MCWORRRRRLD. A no nonsense type of player, Mike will be one of the many "utility" players the Boggs' have in their arsonel. You can put him anywhere in the field and he will play well. Put him on the dance floor...thats another story.
Season outlook......Ready to lead the Boggs' in Home Runs and RBIs. Mike is an all around great hitter, but not so good in the sack (or so I hear).
Tom Guanci:
The most intelligent of the Boggs'....hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhaahhahhahhhahahahahahhahahhahahhahahhhaahhahhhahahahahahhahhahaha. But seriously, he is dumb. Tom has all a coach looks for in a player, guts (a real big one) and fortitude (although real tiny). Tom is looking to bang some dingers (and Tubbies). His fielding is a mystery, he needs to find his nitche on the diamond, no one knows what this guy can do, but one thing is for sure...(Oh come on its just too easy).
Season outlook......Guanci is a real power threat and theres a great chance he will piss his pants next weekend as well.
Josh Wallace:
Residing in Scumaville, Josh really needs to get a haircut. The final member of "The Big 3" in the AC JV outfield, Josh brings solid defense to the Boggs' along with a heavy bat, and a face only a mother could love. (What a saint she is). Josh can deliver the long ball, even tho he is swinging a short stick (real short stick). Josh reminds us of a young Ted Williams, well at least his nickname "The Kid" does.
Season outlook......Josh looks to have a solid year at the plate, and a not so solid stain in his boxers found in an ex flings backyard shrub.
Joe Piekos:
One half of the greatest stickball team ever assembled, the Sacramento Switzies, Joe has a heavy bat, and a heavy appitite for heavvvy girls. With a Manny-like approach at the plate Joe looks to be the unsung hero on the Boggs' Having to try his luck in the middle infield will prove a challenge for Peeks, but his athletisicm will be a contributer to his success in the field. A former City-Series champ, Joe looks to bring that experience to the Boggs' in a lead by example attitude.
Season outlook......All-around hitter, looks to be atop the team in all offsensive categories, but needs to focus more on softball rather than finding the girls at the bar that look like the Russian chick from Dodge Ball...looks just like her!
Bob Fanciullo:
Another former city-series champ. Bob brings some soul to the mostly caucasian Boggs' Proving that the Boggs' front office does not discriminate based on race. Bob is another utility player who can play just about every position on the field. (we didn't say he could play them well, but we can put him anywhere none the less). Bob struggled in the preseason but looks to rebound when it really counts. A lot is a mystery with Bob this year, he hasn't played baseball since Little League, the only thing constant since that time is his cock size.
Season outlook......Bob needs to prove he belongs at the top of the Boggs' order, stiff competition might hurt his chances early on. Stiff competition at the bar has Bob dancing, hitting on, and making out with a young lady with an uncanny resemblence to his sister...weird!
Tom Mccollem:
Another Einstein. TMac is coming off a knee injury that has kept him on the shelf way too long, HE DIDN'T MILK IT. Finally coming out of his shell to play QB at the annual Thanksgiving Flag game this Nov. Hopefully his performace there does not mirror his play with the Boggs'. Work as an IT geek has kept TGeek from playing in the offseason scrimmages, so he is another Boggs' who has to prove himself to move up in the lineup. If he connects, however, there might be some broken windshields in the parking lot, just hope he still doesn't get thrown out at 1st.
Season outlook......With a lot to prove, TMac hopes to show off his strength and power to girlfriend Alla this season.
Steve Brosnan:
Didn't quite make it in the city series, losing to a stong Jim Rabbitt led Lehey team, but scored the only run for the Pirates that game. Steve looks to bat for average and is another of the many utility guys (speaking of guys, he loves them) on the team. (Man he really loves guys). Steve (I can't believe how much he loves guys) comes to the Boggs from Davenport Park League, where he loved guys.
Season outlook......PENNNNISSSSSS
Neil Crowley:
Neil has really shined in the outfield this preseason, catching everything that came right into his glove. Yeah, you didn't have to move too much out there did you, ya bastard. None the less, Neil has showed the Boggs' he can play the outfield with the big boys, he even started growing a playoff beard, what confidence!! Neil also struggled at the plate this preseason but is confident in his ability to make things happen in clutch situations. Besides having an increible posterier, Neil is a solid defensive player with a lot of upside on offense (can't get much worse than it was in the preseason).
Season outlook......As long as he isn't as bad as his fantasy team, I think everyone will be happy.
Jack McKillop:
Jack is a wild-card for the Boggs'. He hasn't seem too much preseason time, so even the Boggs' don't know what he is capable of. His favorite music is that of the Boozey Hawks and he loves his girl friend Lacey. Jack is looking to prove himself to his team and could be a dark-horse to the 12th player award.
Season outlook......Looking to put up Craig Grebeck type numbers this year, Jack needs to play solid defense and hit for average to get his teammates attention.
Mike Pappalardo:
A late addition to the Boggs' he will most likely fill the EH role, when he can make it to the games. Mike has great size and power, but if he finds himself trying to catch a out! Mike wants nothing more than to trot around the bases every time he gets to the plate. Time will tell how this new-commer will pan out for the Boggs'. The former star of the hit YouTube sketch "My new Fuckin Haircut" Papps is considered to be the Big Pappski of the Boggs'
Season outlook......Lot of bat, no glove.
Joey Ahern:
What an addition to the Boggs'. Athough Joey has no preseason practice, just his enery and charisma alone brings the Boggs' to a whole new level. Coming back home from Arizona, where he is still yet to get laid, Joey "the 40 year old vigin" Ahern has a speedy bat, and a Ruggo like fierceness that is unmatched. The Clowns with Spatulas head-man is a gold glove infielder and reminds us of a David Ekstein at the dish.
Season outlook......Joey looks to bring his celebrity status, as a big time movie-writer, to the Boggs' possibly giving the Boggs' TV and radio exposure.
Charles King:
Last, and certainly least, is Charles King. One throw summed up Charles Baseball Career, up and over the stage it goes, and that was it for Mr. King. He can only get better I suppose. But probably not. How can anyone be that bad at throwing a baseball? Across a gym none the less...terrible. But Charles looks to prove everyone wrong this year, with his part time play. God knows where we can hide him in the field, but at least every time he stikes out he'll owe us a 30 pack. So in that regard, Charles could be the MVP!
Season outlook......hahhaaa...lets be serious!

Daly Bogg's News:
The Boggs' open their season this Thursday Night at Tufts Field.
More News and Stats coming next week!


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